5 Dangerous Car Stunts That Your Car Might Never Recover From

Dangerous car stunts can put your car under a lot of pressure to the point that you may never drive it the same way again. This is why most exhibitions are performed by professionals. For those who don’t have experience with car stunts, best not to try these on public roads. Remember that doing some of these stunts can become detrimental to your life and well-being.

In light of cars, performing dangerous stunts can also damage your car beyond repair. This is why people usually use junk cars when performing some tricks. So, with that said, today we’re going to let you in on the five-car stunts that your car might never recover from.

1 Dangerous Car Stunts: Jumping over obstacles or ramps

This is one of the popular stunts that are often performed in car shows. Technically, this will showcase two ramps and an obstacle for the car to jump over. A stunt like this may seem doable and simple, but it’s actually worse if all things don’t go as planned. First, you have the height of the ramps to watch out for. Some tower over a hundred feet in the air! 

And you won’t only be “simply jumping” from one ramp to the other. A stunt like this requires a lot of preparation. You need to balance the car in order for it to safely jump from one end to the other.

2 Bootleg Turn

You may find this very similar to drifting, but don’t be mistaken, they are still quite different from each other. A bootleg turn requires a car to move at a 180-degree angle and more while a drift requires an entire turn without slowing down. 

Also, this maneuver requires using a handbrake. Using the handbrake in making a bootleg turn can provide better steering and block for your wheels. This stunt is also preferred to be done in sandy areas, fine gravel, or even oil can be spilled. 

3 Dangerous Car Stunts: Passing Through Fire

Another sought-after stunt that people flock over are cars going through a fire. You might have encountered some of these in movies or (if you’re lucky enough) during road exhibitions. As thrilling as it may look, it may pose a life-threatening feat to those who are driving the car. Let us not forget that gas fuels fire as it does a car. Therefore, when a car goes through fire, it also has the risk of catching fire itself! Much worse, it might even explode on the spot causing harm to the driver as well.

4 Dangerous Car Stunts: Head-On Crash

This stunt is usually avoided in real life but is most saturated in action movies. Although action movies do watch out for the safety of actors and actresses, this doesn’t negate the fact that it can still be dangerous to them. Head-on crashes alone are one of the most fatal car crashes in history; attempting one (even if it pretends) can be quite damaging to your car and might cause fatal risks.

5 Side Collisions

Another popular car trick seen on big screens or televisions is sided collisions. This collision comes from the side of the car that may cause damage to either the passenger’s seat or the driver’s seat. Sided impacts can cause the car severe damage to the point wherein you may lose your doors because of it. 

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