5 Driver Habits On The Road That You Should Avoid!

Safe driving should never be taken for granted. When you know how to drive, you’ll encounter multiple driving personalities and habits on the road. Some are good, some are bad, and some, you have to avoid entirely. Today, we’re going to run down all the bad driver habits you should avoid on the road. Take note that these habits on the road can affect another person’s life. 

1 Speeding

Don’t try to attempt a Fast and Furious stunt on the road no matter how cool it looks. Going over the speed limit on terrains and roads that you don’t know may be a dangerous hazard that can lead to detrimental effects. You need to consider other factors on the road that might damage your car and other people driving with you. There are speed bumps, potholes, blind corners, and other hazards that you’re at risk of.

2 Slow driving

Speed limits are not just for show. They are to regulate the proper speed of cars for safety reasons. Just like driving too fast, driving too slow also has negative side effects. If you drive too slow on the road, you will not only be causing disruption to cars who are driving on the dedicated speed limit, but you’re also putting yourself in danger for being too slow. This will expose you to possible collisions with cars that are following the speed limit.

3 Drunk driving

Always assign a designated driver if you’re going out to drink with your pals! There is a huge percentage of car accidents that came from drunk driving all around the world. When you drink, your senses are blurred and you won’t be able to think straight or control your actions. When driving, it can never be like that. You need to keep your senses sharp and you have to be sober. This is definitely one of the driver habits that you have to throw out the window!

4 Using phones while driving

Phones are the number one distraction of drivers on the road. It’s vital that your attention is on the car and the surrounding cars with you. A rule of thumb when driving? Always keep your eyes on the road. Try not to text, or answer any phone calls while you’re driving. If you will, try to pull over at the side and then do the phone business. You’ll never know when a slip second of looking at your phone can mean life and death. 

5 Running traffic lights

Let’s make one thing clear. There are three warning lights on a stoplight and the color yellow warning light means “be prepared to stop”, it never means faster! Most collisions usually stem from running on traffic lights. We know that it’s absolutely doable to run over them but for the safety of your life and other people’s life on the road, always follow the traffic light signals.

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