Top 5 Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Car

Rid of these five driving habits that are slowly harming your car. But keep in mind that there are no perfect drivers in the world. However, you can be more responsible on the road and (in light of this article) more considerate of your car’s health. Today we’re talking about the driving habits that can damage your car. Our vehicles are our investments so as much as possible, we should give them the right care for longevity purposes.

1 Riding on the breaks

We’re pretty sure we are all victims of putting our foot on the brakes while waiting for the stoplight to turn green, or on that note while being stuck in traffic. What seems like a normal thing to do while driving is actually taking a toll on our vehicles. You see, when you put your feet on the brakes for prolonged periods of time, they will have a tendency to overheat. And when your brake pads overheat, they will lose some of their break power. 

A pro tip? If you’re stuck in traffic for longer periods of time, why not just put the gear to Neutral? This way, it can save more gas, it will be lighter on your brake pads, and you’ll have a chance to rest your feet for a few seconds. Win-win, right?

2 Driving over potholes

Sometimes it’s ultimately not the driver’s fault. Bad roads also lead to a car’s destruction. Bumpy roads with deep potholes can ruin your car’s suspension, steering, and alignment. Three of the most vital functions when driving a car. Not to mention, this can also result in costly maintenance checks. 

So, the rule of thumb, when you encounter deep potholes on the road, just remember to go over them slowly if you can’t completely avoid them. However, if you can, then it’s a better choice to do so,

3 Shifting from drive to reverse without stopping

Another possible costly repair is on the horizon if you’re continuously pursuing this bad habit. Although some people might not avoid it a time, let’s say maybe they’re late for an appointment or something. However, let’s be clear. Shifting to reverse while still moving can be problematic for your transmission and clutch. So, as much as possible, try stopping when you’re shifting to another gear. Let’s be clear. If you don’t quit this bad habit, it’s bound to burn a hole in your pockets.

4 Slamming on the breaks

The biggest no-no of all time! You may think it’s normal since you see it in movies and such, but no it’s not okay and never will be. When you slam into your breaks, this will allow tears and cracks in the hoses that will eventually lead to fluid leaks! Plus, the worst of all, these leaks can also erode your breaks. Believe us when we say that you never want to experience seeding into the highway only notice you can’t stop. 

Slamming on the breaks does not only damage your car but also compromises the safety of the people inside the car including you. 

But don’t get us wrong, there is a difference between slamming on the breaks because of emergencies and simply doing it for the fun. Again, break this habit!

5 Refrain from going over speedbumps too fast

Speedbumps are meant to slow you down so don’t run over them! If you do, your shocks could get damaged badly to the point wherein they could break down. Additionally, this can also be a reason for your hydraulic fluid to leak. Believe us when we say that anything leaking in your car is not good news. It’s not over yet, this may also cause damage to your front and rear end. All of that for just speeding over speedbumps? Yep, better avoid them next time!

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