5 Safety Hazards While Driving In The Rain

Driving in the rain can be one of the most dangerous driving experiences on the road. Many times we often dismiss the rain when driving especially when it’s only harmless drizzles. However, there can also be multiple factors that may affect your safety while raining such as sharp curves, slippery roads, and visibility. Here are the five safety hazards you should watch out for when you’re driving in the rain. 

1 Sudden change in traffic

Rains can bring many things on the road and one of them is floods. If your roads are low, then they might be susceptible to heavy flooding. In return, cars might need to slow down. Such a slowdown can cause traffic to familiar roads. However safe this maneuver is, it might cause confusion to other motorists on the road which isn’t very safe. 

Things that catch us by surprise are never a good experience especially when you’re driving. Even passing dogs make us jump to the breaks! A hundred percent attention needs to be on the road right in front of you when you’re driving in the rain.

2 Zero visibility! 

Driving in the rain can cause your windshield to blur. Depending on the intensity of the rain, some may be overcome by car wipers while other storms just make it downright impossible to see on the road. Remember that visibility is the number one factor that helps drivers maneuver cars safely. Taking that away just makes it a safety hazard for everyone driving. 

If you’re faced with such circumstances, then it’s better to wait it out until the rain slows down a bit. You can try pulling over at the side of the road or stopping at an inn.   

3 Driving in the rain may cause skidding.

Expect slippery roads when raining. Your car’s wheels may not have much grip on the asphalt as they do when the roads are dry. In return, this might cause your car to skid. This is one of the most dangerous outcomes when driving in the rain as skidding may affect the other cars with you. This also depends on the road if it’s sloping, curving, or upright. These road structures are what make your car skid so if you’re approaching one, proceed with caution and be at a safe speed limit. 

4 Driving on slopes and sharp curves.

We can never choose the roads we cross (although some have options!). But in remote getaways, there’s usually only one way in and one way out. Driving in the rain may appear to be tricky on what we know to be roads that are familiar to us. When it’s raining, make sure to drive slowly, especially when you’re approaching steep roads going down, up, and sharp curves as well!

5 Watch out for strong winds

Driving in the rain can also bring strong winds and this may be a cause of unsteadiness for the car so make sure to grip your steering wheels tightly. Cars are durable when it comes to rain and facing harsh environmental situations, but this doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. It may be a whole lot more difficult to drive when you are faced with strong winds.

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