5 Signs You Need A Tire Change

Your car’s tires are one of the most durable parts of your car. However, this does not mean they are not susceptible to wear down after a few months of use. Our tires undergo a lot of extreme pressure from long drives and weighty passengers. Additionally, they also endure a lot of uncomfortable road conditions. These factors alone can easily damage your wheels if you’re not keeping a close eye on them. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the five signs you need a tire change.

1 Poor traction on wet roads

One of the safety precautions during inclement weather is having good tires. You’ll know if you’re due for a tire change when it’s getting hard to maneuver a car on wet roads. If your tires are good then they’ll have a strong grip on the pavement. But if they’re bad, then you might experience skids on wet roads.

2 Your car shakes when you drive

Observe your car if it’s slightly vibrating when you drive. If it is, then this might come from your wheels. This is an indication that you’ve got bad tires. In such circumstances, that the car feels shaky, better pull over at the side and call for an emergency tire replacement. Going through with such bad tires may be dangerous for you and your passengers, especially on wet slippery roads.

3 Tire bulges

This is a sign of deflating tires. If you notice that your tires are acquiring bulges on the sidewalls, do not be complacent about them. Get them to a car mechanic immediately. Also, it’s best not to use them for a while since these tire bulges are also an indication of a possible tire blowout. Meaning that your tires can burst at any moment.

4 Uneven wear on your tires

It may be because your wheels are out of alignment. This is the work of improper inflation of tires. Ideally, if your tires have been improperly inflated, then this can cause easier wear for them in the long run. How will you know that you are experiencing uneven wear on your tires? Simply look at the windshield to see if it’s a straight line and if it is not then you’ve got a deflated wheel on your hands.

Tires that are wearing out can also be a cause of cracks on the edges of your wheels. However, beware of overinflated tires too since they can wear out the middle part of the tires.

5 Tire pressure change

The weather also plays a big role in your tires. A sudden change in the atmosphere can either cause heat build-up or can cause a drop in your tire pressure. Therefore, always take into consideration the current weather state and how it can affect your tires. 

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