5 Things You Should Never Do With Car Batteries

Car batteries contain sensitive and dangerous substances that may injure the person in charge. These are considered one of the most crucial parts of a car since one cannot run without batteries. If in any case that they are faulty, this might cause extreme frustrations if you’re in the middle of a road trip, or something entirely important. Therefore, caring for your batteries is of utmost importance especially knowing how to handle them and knowing what you should never do with them as well.

What you should never do with your car batteries.

Don’t know what you’re doing wrong? Here are the possible things that you might be unconsciously doing. It’s so easy for us to get busy from time to time that we don’t even notice that we’re already doing something wrong with our car batteries. So, here are a couple of things that you might want to avoid doing.

1 Find shade for your car.

Never let your car batteries sit in hot places for too long. Heat can make battery fluids evaporate. And in return, this will shorten your car’s battery life. So better find shade for your car when you’re looking for a parking spot!

2 Refrain from leaving the lights on. 

Car batteries are responsible for certain functions that we use in our cars and of them are headlights, fog lights, driving lamps, brake lights, hazard lights, signal lights, and tail lights. Technically, the car batteries are responsible for all the light functions in your car. Therefore, when you’re leaving them on, it will only drain your batteries more.

3 Don’t laze around in your car.

First of all, this is gas-consuming and it can also put a hard load on your batteries. Cars are better off on the run rather than sitting pretty with all the lights and air conditioning on. So, when you’re waiting for someone in the car, it’s better to turn everything off rather than waiting with most of the functions working. 

4 Keeping your battery case clean.

Cleanliness also plays a role in keeping your batteries worry-free. Keep your eyes sharp for possible corrosions and leaks. A simple solution of baking soda and warm water should do the trick. Make sure to dab it gently, on the surface of the battery case. Take note that dirt conducts electricity which can discharge the battery.

5 Don’t charge your batteries with an alternator.

The alternator is the one responsible for the spark that’ll make your engine come alive. This is also the mechanism that lets your car power through for a long while. Remember that your alternator is not a car battery’s charger and doing so will only shorten your battery’s life.

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