5 Tips To Extend Your Car Battery’s Life

There are a lot of factors that can affect your car’s battery life. Keep in mind that your car battery is one of the most essential parts of your car so, make sure to take care of them. To give you a brief background, your car batteries are responsible for the majority of your car’s functions and operation. From your starters to the electronic components, and down to the radio, all of them are powered by your car’s battery. With neglect and improper use and practices, you just might be wasting your car battery’s juices. Here are 7 tips to extend your car battery’s life!

1 Limit short-distance driving

Walk it if you can! Believe it or not, short drives can actually cost you your car’s battery life. When you power up your car, it needs to run for a couple of minutes to fully charge. When you’re traveling for a short distance, this will not let your batteries charge fully. Therefore, if you’re going to drive your car more often, better have it for long distances instead of shorter ones.

2 Fasten your batteries tightly.

The installation also plays a big role in making your batteries last longer. In such circumstances that there are improper installations in the works, this will allow your batteries to vibrate. Vibration is never a good thing when it comes to safeguarding your car battery’s life since it has the potential to ruin internal components and cause short circuits. So make sure that your batteries are fastened tightly.

3 Don’t forget to turn off all the lights when you get off the car

One way to easily drain your car batteries? Leaving the lights on. Cars usually have an automatic function in turning the lights on and off. However, not all cars have them. So, it’s best to check all lights if they’re shut off upon leaving the car. Leaving them on even just for a couple of hours can quickly drain your batteries in the long run.

4 Don’t use your car’s electronics while the engine is off

Using your electronics while in accessory mode can also cause your battery to drain drastically. This is one of the common mistakes of car owners. Yes, it does save up on gas, but remember that your car won’t run when your batteries are also dead. Also, refrain from idling in your car for long periods of time. This can also cause your battery to run out faster than when the engine is on.

5 Take care of your whole car

Nothing beats taking care of your car as a whole. Your batteries are nothing without a good functioning car and it all boils down to that. Aside from the battery itself, making sure that the internal components are well-functioning and intact also takes precedence. As the saying goes, take care of a car, and it takes care of you too.

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