5 Ways How Drifting Can Damage Your Car

Drifting is probably one of the most infamous car exhibitions that are performed on race tracks. However, for the thrill seekers out there, some attempt drifting on free roads or roadsides that has sharp curves. This is one of the coolest tricks in the book, and also one of the most dangerous ones if performed wrongly. This can be both disastrous for the person driving the car, and for the car itself. Today, we’ll be talking about the ways how drifting can damage your car. 

Why do people do drifting?

Drifting can damage your car, alright! But still, why do many people do it if it is already tagged as one of the most dangerous activities on and off the racetrack? Here are a few reasons why people enjoy this thrilling activity…

It’s super fun!

The mere fact that you can do something that other people can’t is already a feather on your hat. Doing things that are typically tagged as challenging or difficult may have satisfying effects, especially with a crowd watching. However, drifting is not without its risks as well. One wrong turn could be very fatal. Nevertheless, I guess, it still adds a thrill for most adrenaline junkies.

Position-wise, it’s beneficial.

Considering that you did a perfect drift, the position of your car after the drift will be perfectly situated to go forward. But, this doesn’t mean that you should try it in every sharp-curved corner you see! Keep in mind that people who drift practice a lot before achieving a flawless drift. 

You don’t have to slow your RPM down.

This applies when you’re nearing a turn (or a sharp turn in that matter). Naturally, a person driving who doesn’t know how to drift will slow down. If he/she slows down, then so does the car’s RPM. By then, you’ll be slowly taking the curves and then revving up the engine to speed up again. On the other hand, when you drift, you no longer need to lower your RPM. You can simply keep your original speed when going through corners.

So how does drifting damage your car?

Make no mistake, as fun and cool as drifting may seem, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a toll on your car. Drifting can leave a lot of stress on the wheels, the body, and the engine. This is why people who love drifting may pay for more maintenance than a person who drives regularly without any theatrics. 

It’s going to wear your wheels. 

Since drifting relies heavily on car wheels, then the pressure will land on the wheels. Car wheels of people who do drift tend to have tire burns. This is when the tires scrape heavily on the asphalt that it creates a burning sensation damaging the wheels in the process.

It may take a toll on some engine parts.

High speeds can impact your engine plus, it also gives a lot of pressure on your suspension and clutch. You’ll basically use a lot of brakes and accelerations. Not to mention perfecting a lot of sharp curves. Combine all of these, then it’s bound to cause your engine parts to suffer drastically. This is why it’s also a smart move to always have your car under maintenance check after drifting on roads.

Exterior damages!

This is inevitable. Hurling your car around unknown terrain, you’ll never know what’s in another corner. Therefore, expect to have exterior bumps and bruises as you go along with drifting. This doesn’t just apply to open drifting, but you need to keep in mind that anything can happen when you’re performing this stunt. So say, it already gives a lot of pressure on most parts of the car. So be alert at all times.

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