5 Ways to Avoid Car Battery Explosions

Curious if you’re doing something that might blow your car batteries up? Here are the top ways how you can prevent it from happening. To give you a brief background on car batteries, these things are made out of lead acid. This alone makes them quite dangerous when applied to the right pressure points. However perilous as they are, they make up for their performance and function. In other words, they are good at providing the high levels of on-demand current required by automotive starters. So now, let’s discuss the five ways how you can avoid car battery explosions!

The down-sides of lead acid.

As we’ve mentioned above, lead acid can be very efficient in powering car batteries, however, we cannot deny that it is also made up of harmful chemicals. So, when you’re no longer using your car batteries, make sure to dispose of them carefully and properly!

Not only this, but you also need to watch out for sulfuric acid. Keep in mind that car batteries have strong chemicals that can burn your skin. Lead acid has the power to do this, therefore always be alert when handling car batteries and be sure not to have it anywhere near your clothes or your skin.  

Possible reasons why your car batteries exploded.

Various circumstances might have triggered events such as these. Exploding batteries is a rare occasion. So, to experience one, expect that you’re probably doing something extremely wrong. So, to find out which is which, let’s see a few possible reasons why your car batteries exploded. 

1 Overcharging your batteries.

This is generally a bad habit that most owners overlook. In general, overcharging any battery can be a hazardous undertaking for devices and this also goes for your car batteries. Aside from overcharging, try to keep an eye out for your charging systems as well and make sure they are not faulty. You see, faulty charging systems can also be a cause of car battery explosions. 

However, that’s not all that overcharging does to your car. This habit can also be the cause of corrosion breakdown of the internal battery. When this happens, your car batteries are more likely prone to explosions. So, a rule of thumb here, try to not overcharge your car batteries and maintain them at a healthy percentage.

2 Poor car battery maintenance.

As durable as they may seem, car batteries also need maintenance from time to time. Poorly maintained car batteries don’t only give off a poor performance, but they can also be more prone to car battery explosion. The smart move to do is to keep them maintained and never let them go for long periods of time without daily maintenance checks. 

Technically, what you need to focus on with battery maintenance checks is the electrolyte level of the car battery. If the electrolyte level of a battery is in peak condition then this will ensure you low chances of car battery explosions.

3 Sometimes it’s all because of a manufacturing fault.

To be fair, this is a rare occurrence. However, if it does happen, this can also prove to be very dangerous for you and your car’s batteries. If there are any hiccups in the manufacturing department, such as internal terminal posts and external terminal leads, this will eventually lead to arcing. Yes, these are tagged as rare occurrences, but, this doesn’t mean that they should be disregarded as well. 

4 Your batteries are old (and almost at the end of their life).

Don’t push it. If your batteries are nearing the end of their life then it’s high time for a replacement. Old batteries are also prone to deterioration and corrosion which is already hazardous for use. If (and hop[efully not) you push it to its limit, there is a tendency for your car batteries to explode under pressure.

5 External elements.

Be wary of your external elements as well. Remember that your batteries are made out of lead-acid and if it is exposed to, let’s say cigarettes, sparks, or flames. In such circumstances then it has the highest possibility that Tim might cat6ch fire.

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