7 Ways To Survive A Car Accident

One of the most tragic things that can happen to you on the road is getting into a car accident. According to a research study, there are approximately 227 car accidents daily in the Philippines! With narrow streets, heavy traffic, and primarily, irate drivers, this is very likely to happen. Therefore, in such unfortunate instances, one must know what to do to protect themselves together with the passengers in the car. Today, we’re going to talk about the seven best ways how you can survive a car accident.

Take note of the safety feature of your car.

Car companies are prepared for instances like these. Therefore, as passengers or drivers on the road, one of the most responsible things you can do is to use all the safety that your car provides. Looking back, one of the most common safety features that most of us are aware of is seatbelts. However, modern innovations settled into present-day vehicles making them feel safer and more secure. 

Added security features in cars:
  • Airbags – These are primarily installed on the driver’s wheel and in front of the passenger’s seat. In the event that you collide with another car, this will trigger the airbag to inflate. In return, your impact will be softened by the puff-up of the said airbag. Going back, the main purpose of airbags is to put additional restraint on the passenger and the dashboard since it will likely be your first contact upon the collision.
  • Headlights – You need to see where you’re going in order to know if you’re going to bump into anything. Driving at night might be a bit of a challenge for most people. Turning on your headlights will be beneficial for you and the people driving near you as well. Your headlights are your main source of visibility when you’re on the road so don’t ever forget to turn them on.
  • Collision warning – This can be very beneficial to those who are not aware of the proximity of their car to surrounding things. This can absolutely be helpful when parking.
  • Your car’s breaks – Make sure that your car’s breaks are in very good working condition. To start a car, you must be able to stop them as well. Just imagine a car with no breaks, that’s bound to be a disaster for you and for the people on the read.
  • Seatbelts! – The first thing you do when you enter a car is to put on seatbelts. In any case, when you get into an almost near collision with another car, your seatbelts are going to help you be in place. Otherwise, without your seatbelt, you might just very well crash on the windshield which will result in heavy injuries, or worse, fatalities.

Where is the safest place in a car?

The safest place in a car is the backseat middle part. Why? The front seat where the driver and the passenger’s seat are situated can be dangerous for head-on collisions. Meanwhile, the backseat window side areas may not be too safe for side collisions. This means the middle part is your best bet. This is why in most cars, we mostly find the baby’s seat at the back in the middle.

Things you can do to survive a car crash.

Aside from saturating all of the safety features of your car, here are the other things to keep in mind in case you encounter such a dangerous event. With these seven things in mind, you’ll no doubt have a higher chance of surviving a car accident.

  1. Don’t Overspeed – It’s harder to stop when you’re on full speed. Even if you step on the brakes, this might only cause your car to skid.
  1. Refrain from doing anything – Focus on the road! Don’t get sidetracked with phones, radios, or even attractive billboards.
  2. Keep an eye out for motorists – They usually speed up on the roads and most time you wouldn’t even see them coming.
  3. Prepare for impact – If you can’t see any other way out of the car crash, then you might want to prepare for impact. Keep your forehead on the steering wheel and put your hands on your forehead.
  4. Invest in safe cars – The kinds of cars that are usually resilient to impacts are SUVs. Trust us when we say that your car won’t be as badly damaged as usual sedans when you hit full-on collisions. Plus, they are equipped with the right safety tools to boost passenger security.
  5. Seatbelts – Yes, as mentioned above, and as we are mentioning right now, seatbelts are your #1 safety buddy on the road, so try not to neglect them.
  6. Maintenance is a must – We’re talking about your car’s safety equipment. Make sure that they are always in very good working condition. They will serve as your lifeline if anything bad happens.

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