Car Batteries 101: 5 Tips To Keep Your Batteries in Good Working Condition

A word of advice for first-time car owners, knowledge about your car batteries, and how to care for them, is power. One of the most vital parts of your car will be its batteries. Your car cannot run when your batteries are not running. For those who use their cars on a daily basis, these are useful tips to let your batteries last even with heavy use.

Disconnect batteries if you plan on putting them in storage for a while. 

Car batteries won’t drain if you leave them plugged for a day or two. However, it may cause drastic measures when left in storage for long periods of time. Car batteries have the tendency to self-discharge slowly. Disconnecting your battery when going on long vacations can prevent them from having battery drains. 

In such cases, if you go on long vacations and forget to unplug the car batteries, try to contact someone that can turn on the engine and drive your car around even for 15-20 minutes. This will save you the hassle of dealing with damaged batteries. Worst case scenario, you might even need a replacement.  

Keep jumper cables in your car.

No matter how powerful or luxurious your car is, it will be completely helpless when your batteries are dead. So why do you need jumper cables at your beck and call? Car batteries won’t let you know if they’re running out of juice. When the day finally comes, you might either be in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a highway or maybe simply on your way to work. 

Keeping jumper cables in your car is purely for precautionary measures. It’s better to have something to recharge your batteries than to be stuck dead on the road. 

Avoid placing your car in hot places.

Hot temperatures are not only the number one enemy of your car’s paint condition, but it can also cause defects in your car battery’s life. Although car batteries are known to be durable, and long-lasting (it can last for up to 3-5 years depending on usage), heat can actually damage your battery’s life. Hot temperatures cause battery fluid to evaporate which can shorten its usage.  

Refrain from using headlights and radios while the engine is off.

Are you waiting for someone at the airport or simply just chilling in the parking lot with the engine off but headlights and radios on? These are one of the things that we need to avoid doing. If you are waiting for someone in the car, it is advisable to turn your engine completely off. Your car’s gas and battery work hand-in-hand and turning off the engine while your battery’s in use can cause gas-guzzling. On the other hand, it also causes stress on your battery’s end since it’s the one doing all the work.

Double-check if the lights are on.

Never leave any lights on in your car. There may be times that we forget to turn the headlights or dome lights off and this will allow your battery to drain overnight. So make it a habit to double-check your car lights at night or even in the morning. 

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