Car Batteries: What Does It Power In Your Vehicle?

Car batteries are powerful things. The mere fact that they can power cars and actually bring them to life is amazing in it itself. An estimated 60% of electronics and devices are actually useless without the help of batteries. Bottom line is, that people are still dependent on batteries, which makes them one of the most important things on the planet. 

However, in light of car batteries, let us tell you that it is more than meets the eyes. Most people know that a battery is an important part of a car. But what we don’t really delve into is what and how it powers certain things in it.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at what is powering the actual beasts that we see roaming the streets every day.

What do batteries power in cars?

Radios are a given! But yes, it is still included in one of the things car batteries power in our cars. However, there are several more things that these compact power boxes bring to life. 

When you start the car.

When you turn the key into the ignition, one of the things that are helping you to actually run the engine is its batteries. Try removing the batteries and starting your car! We’ll bet a million bucks that it won’t work.

Car batteries power up radios.

Yep, those are electronically powered ladies and gents. But everyone who owns a car probably knows that already.

Car wipers.

On rainy days it is your car batteries that are responsible for wiping the detected raindrops to help you see better whether it’s at night or during daylight.

Rear lights.

Getting hard to see the road while driving at night? You have your car batteries to thank since they are responsible for lighting the way for you. Car batteries also power your car’s rear lights.


Apparently, if they have to power to light your way on the front end, they are also responsible for lighting your rear light. One of the most important parts when driving at night. Taillights are used for you to be able to communicate with other drivers on the road. Just think how it will be without them.

Air conditioners.

The comfortable cool air inside the ca? Yup, that’s also the works of good old batteries! Although half responsible for this is also the gas.


The display you see on your dashboard when you light it up? That’s all the car batteries doing as well.

If your car has a TV.

Although we think that this feature comes with a separate battery, hey, batteries are batteries and it is still a part of the car.

Automatic windows.

There are two types of windows. The one that you manually roll down and up and an automatic one. However, the ones that we’re used to right now are probably the automatic ones. Nevertheless, to answer your question, yes automatic windows are powered by batteries.

Importance of car batteries.

That’s one hell of a list huh? And those are for cars alone. What more if we actually included its benefits on multiple devices? No doubt that list would be endless! 

Going back, we did answer one of our question goals which is, what car batteries are powering our cars. And to sum it up, car batteries bring life not only to cars but to things we need inside and outside the cars. 

These vehicle functions are one of our most vital functions that every driver needs to get to their destination safely. With that said, car batteries not only power our cars, but it does the most important job of all, and that is promising security and comfortability to the passengers inside the car.

Where to get your car batteries?

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