Different Kinds of Motolite Batteries in the Philippines

Motolite is probably one of the top brands of batteries here in the Philippines. It is saturated in different kinds of vehicles since it holds a wide variety of battery choices that specializes from everyday use to heavy-duty usage. Here in the Philippines, Motolite batteries are known to be the most popular, reliable, and available battery in the market.

As mentioned, there is not only one kind of Motolite battery on the market. Here, you’ll get to know more about the different uses of each kind of Motolite battery and what they specialize in. Yes, there are specializations, since batteries differ from each other. There are batteries suited to power trucks and PUJs. There are batteries that are more efficient in powering private cars. Also, there are batteries that are specially used for motorcycles. 

To sum it up, Motolite batteries have every kind of battery that you need that can suit every consumer’s taste. 

Why are car batteries important?

Simply because it powers one of the most used transportations here in the Philippines. Ultimately, it is also one of the most used sources of power to get people from one place to another. Additionally, with the technological advances nowadays, people are purchasing more of their personal vehicles. Therefore, it is of great importance to be knowledgeable about what battery to use.

Motolite Excel Batteries

These kinds of batteries are one of Motolite’s “Maintenance Free Batteries”. They are used in these types of vehicles:

  • Motorcycles
  • SUV’s
  • Vans
  • Pick Ups

If you desire a battery that performs well on the road, and that doesn’t require any maintenance, opt for a Motolite Excel Battery. Plus, with this type of battery, you’ll get a 24-month warranty. A bonus feature is that Motolite Excel Batteries fit well to work in tropical climates such as the Philippines.

Motolite Gold Battery

Do you have a car imported from a different country? Motolite’s got your back when it comes to dealing with its battery. If your car came from these countries or places:

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • American
  • European

Motolite Gold Battery is the one for your vehicle. More often than not, we sometimes struggle to find the right fit for our devices or machinery especially when it comes from a different country. It’s a good thing, Motolite is well equipped to power vehicles that are from different countries.

Motolite Enduro Battery

If you’re not using your vehicle for heavy-duty use then this might be the battery for you! Motolite Enduro is perfect for everyday use such as city driving, or simply just for  “everyday driving”. This battery is known to be a “maintenance-free battery”. Therefore, you won’t have to worry from time to time if it’s still in good working condition or not.

Motolite Truckmaster Battery

Looking for a battery fit to withstand extreme environments? You can count on the Motolite Truckmaster is built to endure extreme heat and vibrations! This makes them a perfect candidate to withstand Philippine road conditions. Two types of vehicles are perfect for Motolite Truckmaster’s Battery. These are:

  • Different types of Trucks
  • Buses

Motolite LM Enforcer Battery  

This is very ideal for lightweight vehicles. Public transportation plays a big role in the day-to-day lives of people. This is where the Motolite LM Enforcer battery comes in! They ensure reliability when put in the engine of every public transportation. They are cheap and affordable and which makes them a favored battery choice for a lot of drivers.

  • Motorists
  • Taxis
  • PUJs
  • Other “light commercial vehicles”

Also, this type of battery is actually one of the most “cost-effective”. So if you want a good-performing battery that’s affordable and efficient, opt for a Motolite LM Enforcer.

Motolite Champion Battery

For motorcycle enthusiasts that are looking for “low maintenance batteries”, a Motolite Champion Battery might be for you. These are the most conventional Motolite batteries you can have. Mostly, people prefer using them in public transportation as well due to their cost

  • Motorists
  • Taxis
  • PUJs

Motolite Industrial Batteries

These batteries are flexible in powering machines and not just our cars. Motolite also has Industrial Batteries in store that can power:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Power Installations
  • Non-Automotive Applications
  • Non-Traditional Applications

Need a powerful battery to give life to big industrial machines? Trust Motolite batteries to be reliable and durable to make your technology go the distance. 

Now you know all about Motolite batteries! Get them now from a trusted distributor: https://www.motolitedelivery.com/