FAQs on Electric Cars

Electric cars are viewed as the future of automobiles. How often do we encounter electric cars on the road? Let’s just say that it’s not always present and that’s how rare these vehicles are. What makes them so special? Unlike most cars, this one does not run on gas. As a matter of fact, they run solely using electricity. 

There are, however, cars that are also “hybrid” wherein gas and electricity can both let the vehicle run. But right now, we’ll focus more on the ones that run on electricity alone. 

What’s the difference between a regular car?

Aside from what’s making them run, there’s not much difference between both regular cars and electric cars. The functions of the car are still mostly the same, and the overall performance of both is mainly functional. Just make sure you maintain them well through the years. 

Come to think of it, there’s also a difference in terms of what they bring to the environment. Regular cars are more toxic to the environment than electric cars. Regular cars spit out smoke that can be detrimental to the environment. As regular cars that use fuel combust it and emit greenhouse gases, electric cars on the contrary use electricity and do not produce any exhaust to the tailpipe of the vehicle. 

Are electric cars truly more environmentally friendly than regular fuel-powered cars?

While it is true that electric cars do not emit any harmful by-product when in use, the problem lies in the battery it uses. To produce a battery for an electric car, you will have to use a number of rare earth minerals like lithium, nickel, cobalt, and graphite. To harvest large amounts of these, you will have to mine them very deep into the earth’s surface. And mining can be very damaging to the planet. There might be regulations on responsible mining but let us face it – we only have a handful that practices legal and responsible mining. There are more illegal and irresponsible miners out there.

For calculation, to be able to produce 1 ton of these rare earth metals there are 75 tons of acid waste produced. As the demand for electric cars is rising, since theory claim to have a supply of rare earth elements that can last up to 186 years, the immediate effect of extracting those will be felt immediately.

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