Life of a Car Battery

Car batteries power a car. Without it, a car won’t start. It also enables other mechanisms in the car. From the lights to the horn, and the dashboard, the battery’s in charge of that. A battery is a device that stores chemical energy and transforms it into electrical energy. Lead and the mixture of sulfuric acid and water is the most commonly used combination for batteries. It is made up of six cells that can hold two volts worth of electricity. A new battery is expected to have at least 12.6 volts of electricity and can perfectly power the car.

What affects a car battery’s life and performance?

The average life of a car battery is about 3-4 years. But it can last longer or deteriorate faster depending on its’ usage. There are three factors that affect your car battery’s life and performance.

1) The climate. Yes, believe it or not, the climate affects the performance of your car’s battery. If you live in a country where it is hot most of the time, you have to check your car battery every once in a while. When the weather is hot, the fluid- a mixture of sulfuric acid and water in the car battery will evaporate faster. When this happens, the car will lose its ability to start the engine fast and will eventually fail.

2) Your driving habits. Aside from the road, you also have to keep your eyes on your driving habits. Always remember to remove the key from the ignition. Switch off the light after using the car. These little details will prolong your car battery’s life and spare you from some trouble. Visit the nearest car shop and ask for a car check-up.

3) Cars are meant to be used not displayed. A lot of people think that you are preserving the car when you are not using it. But it is the opposite actually. Engines have to run and they are built to do so! If you don’t use the car, the battery will soon lose its charge and will deteriorate faster. Why even buy a car if you just would let it rot in your garage? Drive while you still can and enjoy the perks of having your own wheels.

Signs that your battery needs to change

Just like any other device, it won’t break down all of a sudden. Here are warning signs you should look after as a car owner.

  1. Having a hard time starting your car. Your car battery might be having a hard time igniting the engine because of how long it has been functioning already.
  2. Electrical malfunctions and dimming of lights. The battery powers all the mechanisms in the car. The dimming of the light is an obvious sign that your battery is dying.
  3. Warning from the dashboard light. There are cars that have this feature. It blinks when it senses that the battery needs replacement.
  4. Corrosion. Corrosion happens when the sulfuric acid comes in contact with the metal parts of the battery.

Where to buy a car battery?

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