Top 5 Car Battery Myths Debunked!

Would you believe that the stuff of fairytales also exists in the automotive world? Where technology always rings sturdy and reliable, there are still myths that surround them and are believed by people. However, don’t get us wrong, these myths are not on par with mystical creatures, but rather, the belief of men when it comes to car batteries. Dante’s battery delivery is debunking the top five battery myths in the PH. Here we go!

Myths 1: The more I don’t use my car, the better my car batteries will be.

Busted! When you don’t use your car, your battery will still get drained. Cars usually have alarm systems and electrical systems and they could be a source of drained batteries. Naturally, cars are also considered electrochemical devices so they will lose charge over time even when not in use. 

Additionally, it’s also not very healthy for your car to sit around for a long period of time. So, if you’re going on a long vacation, it’s very advisable to disconnect necessary wires to keep your car in good working condition. 

On the other hand, if damage has already been done, make sure to get the best performing car batteries in the market from Dante’s car battery delivery! We’re open for 24 hours, so don’t hesitate to give us a ring when the need arises.

Myths 2: Leaving my car ignited or driving short distances can recharge my car batteries.

Sorry to say, but this one is also busted. Think of it this way, starting a car takes up a lot of power more so if you get it going. Therefore, a short drive is very unlikely to put enough charge back into the battery to cover that energy cost.

However, in light modern cars these days, considering their advanced features can actually charge a battery while idle. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that it is still not ideal to let a car idle to heat up the engine. 

Myth 3: Battery brands don’t matter.

To break the truth, yes, brands do matter. Therefore, this myth is definitely busted. Dante’s batteries actually have quality batteries in-store that can fit any type of vehicle you have. We make sure to hold only the best-performing car batteries in the market to cater to your battery need. 

A word of advice? Some battery advertisers usually tend to exaggerate their battery’s performance. So it’s always safe to go to a seasoned-tried-and-tested brand.  

Myth 4: The heavier the battery, the better?

This one is actually true! Car batteries contain lead. Lead is the kind of element in a battery that helps it perform very well. So naturally, when you got more lead in your car battery, the better it’s going to perform. 

But still, beware. This is not always the case scenario for batteries. Yes, the heavier the better but be known the fact that poor quality batteries also tend to contain solid materials (to make them heavier). Nevertheless, you can always prevent this occurrence by making sure to buy from a trusted distributor like Dante’s batter delivery service.

Myth 5: When I care for a battery very well, it can last me a lifetime?

Don’t we all wish this is true? But sadly, no. Like all consumable items, car batteries no matter how good and careful you are with them will run out with use or without use. Nevertheless, you can still prolong your battery’s life by maintenance. But keep in mind that one way or another, it will still need to be replaced.

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